Chado - The Way of Tea

Japanese characters that say "Harmony" "Respect" "Purity" and "Tranquility"

Harmony Respect Purity Tranquility


Between ourselves and nature,
between all the different aspects of our surroundings,
between nature's seasons and our man-made environment,
between us and other people.

Harmony never means that everything becomes alike.
The point is to achieve a balanced relationship,
not between things which are identical,
but between things which are complementary.

Harmony with contrast,
as in the black ink of the words,
and the space of the white paper.

Harmony weaves everything together into an intricate,
yet oh-so-simple web.


For the moment,
for each person,
for time,
for ourselves,
for the objects we use,
for nature.

Respect could be defined as the act of giving particular attention,
to the recipient.
In showing respect we demonstrate our understanding,
of the interconnectedness of all things.
Having shown respect we understand even better,
why it is valued.


Of mind...
like the clear stream.
Of purpose...
has everything unnecessary been swept away?
Of action...
at any one moment,
we should be completely focused on the action of that moment.
Of vision...
do I see my goal clearly?

To be pure is to contain nothing that does not properly belong;
so that we are not weighed down or distracted,
by that which contributes nothing to the good of the whole.


The state of being free from agitation of mind and spirit.

If we are in harmony with our surroundings,
and if we respect the moment and what it brings us,
then we can achieve purity of mind,
purpose and action,
and thus carry with us a state of tranquility.

Tranquility through the practice of
and Purity,
is ours to choose,
and ours to create within ourselves.